Why Contractors and Fleet Managers Love the Case Backhoe Loader

If you are a contractor for a construction company or a fleet manager for a large organization, you know that the backhoe loader is almost always going to be the core piece of construction machinery to any fleet. That said, the question almost always comes down to not if you should buy a backhoe for sale, but where to buy one.


There are a number of well-known brands out there, but when it comes to all the things that matter the most to experienced contractors and fleet managers, Case is almost always regarded as the number one brand in construction machinery. This article will explore why contractors and fleet managers prefer investing in a Case backhoe loader for sale as opposed to other brands.


With a Case Backhoe Loader Comes Pure Innovation


Buying a backhoe loader from a reputable brand is one thing, but when you buy a Case backhoe loader, you invest in a piece of construction machinery from the brand that actually invented the construction vehicle.


Case invented the first hydraulic tractor loader backhoe in 1952 as a solution to create a piece of construction machinery that could be charged to accomplish a number of tasks for the Holden Water Department in Massachusetts in 1952. Experienced contractors and fleet managers know that the highest quality exists in brands that design and invest, rather than build off someone else’s ideas. Because Case is a true industry pioneer that demands respect, the Case backhoe loader is often the first choice.


With a Case Backhoe Loader Comes the Best Maintenance in the Industry


Another reason why the Case backhoe is a preferred option for contractors and fleet managers is that it is known for having the best mechanics in the industry. When you invest in a Case backhoe loader for sale, you get direct access to certified Case Master Technicians–individuals who went through demanding classes and took rigorous exams to prove their masterful knowledge of Case construction equipment inside and out. As a result, your machines stay in reliable working order when regular maintenance is performed, and if for any reason you need to pull your Case backhoe loader off the road and get it repaired, you will have the best in the business repairing your construction machinery in a thorough, timely manner. Efficiency is key to your success, and Case technicians help keep you on the road.


Case Backhoe Loaders can be Rented 24/7 when Yours is in the Shop


We already talked about how Case technicians are the best in the business, but sometimes even the best equipment sufferers the occasional failure. But when this happens, you have peace of mind knowing that while top techs work to make repairs, you can rent a Case backhoe loader so that you are never off the road for more than an hour.


In addition, Case construction equipment dealerships are located all over the country, and the West Coast houses the largest number of them. Located all over California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, you are sure to find a Case backhoe loader to serve as the reliable, high-quality beating heart of your construction fleet.