How Virtual Home Design and Virtual Home Tours Help Homebuilders Sell More Houses and Cut Internal Costs

If you are a homebuilder you know all to well that if your lead loses that emotional connection to the home, you stand a higher chance of losing that sale. Since most homebuyer’s don’t just sign on the dotted line upon first touring a model home, nor do people make impulse purchases on houses, you need to find a way to keep them engaged with the property. This is where virtual home design and virtual home tours technology companies play big roles into a homebuilding company’s growth. This article is intended to help construction companies building homes understand the value of virtual home design and virtual home tours for securing their year-over-year growth.

Virtual Home Design Software Cuts Costs on Materials

Custom home builders spend millions of dollars on model homes and stocking materials in their showroom. In addition to the materials that go into model homes, showrooms need to carry a wide range of the latest materials when it comes to flooring, backsplashes, tiles, countertops, lighting, fixtures, hardware, moulding, fireplaces, pavers, wall feature materials, and so much more. Virtual home design software allows builders to digital customize rooms in realistic views to give buyers a clear vision of what their dream home’s kitchen can look like at what is literally a tiny fraction of the cost of keeping a fully stocked showroom.

Homebuilders Save Money on Man Hours with Virtual Home Tours and Home Design Software

In addition to paying for materials to keep your showroom stocked, you also need to pay a number of salaries. Most showrooms have an inventory manager, customer service reps, and interior designers on hand to help potential buyers blend the right cabinets, counters, sinks and flooring in their kitchens. However, virtual home design software allows buyers to create their own kitchen by interchanging the specs (and they have fun doing it too).

Virtual home tours remove the need for realtors to walk buyers though model homes–a task that takes up tons of time that prevents them from doing valuable research and marketing initiatives (and other tasks a realtor might be charged with).

Virtual Home Design and Virtual Home Tours Increase Sales Through Emotional Bonds

We already briefly touched on the value of keeping prospects engaged while they are making a purchasing decision. After a buyer walks a model home, they are left to go home, run that home through their minds alongside others they looked at, and make a decision. Virtual home tours allow buyers to revisit that home again and again, in the comfort of their office or house. In addition, virtual home design is extremely interactive and lets buyers get hyper creative by planning the floorplan, flow, function, and interior design of their home. Because home design software keeps buyers so engaged, that excitement factor thrives on in their psyches and they always stay connected to the home and the excitement over the possibilities.

Invest with a virtual home design software company that can create an interactive platform for your customers, complete with virtual home tours, and see your business thrive!