4 Reasons Why California Homeowners Should Call Solar Panel Companies

Running a household isn’t cheap. And one of the most expensive parts of maintaining a home is paying the utility bills. This is especially true for California homeowners, as energy is typically more costly than most other states, and due to the warm and hot weather, summer months with air conditioning blasting all day long really tears into one’s bank account. 

This article is intended to help California homeowners learn why they should call solar panel companies by pointing out the top for reasons for households to convert over to affordable, green energy. 

  1. Solar Panel Companies Help You Save Money to Improve Your Family’s Lifestyle

Ever dream of taking an extra vacation every year (or even one)? Would you like to have extra cash to buy toys for the family like ATVs, jet skis, or dirt bikes? What about set up a college fund for the kids? For most households, this is only possible if they can save $500 to $1000 dollars a month (or more). When you call top solar panel companies they will give you a real number to work with that will reflect potential savings. These experts will come out to your home, analyze your utility bills over the last 12 months, do a walk-around of your home, and give you an accurate forecast of savings based on your usage history, the type of solar system you would buy, the size of your home, and the rebates and tax credits you would be eligible for. Knowing how much you will save before you buy will let you know if the investment is worth it to improve your family’s lifestyle. 

  1. Solar Panels Add Resale Value to Your Home

Not only will calling solar panel companies to invest in systems save you tons of money on your utility bill, but solar panels will also add resale value to your home. According to a report by Realtor.com, homes with solar systems are more competitive and garner higher selling prices by more than 70 percent. In fact, when you call the best solar panel companies they only choose systems with 25 year warranties that bump over from one homeowner to the next thus maintaining a high resale value for the home. 

  1. The Best Solar Panel Companies can Help You Go Green

Whether you get an incentive from work for going green, a reduction in your mortgage or HOA fees, tax credits, or you simply want to reduce your carbon footprint because you care about the future of our planet, the best solar panel companies can outfit you with an ideal solution for improving your green way of living. California home

  1. Calling Respected Solar Panel Companies Protects Your Investment

All too often homebuyer’s will buy solar panel systems from a “Chuck in the truck” or some small-time operation that moves around the country, closing their doors and reopening under a new business name. It is highly advantageous to call trusted solar panel companies that have been in business for 10 or more years. This is critical because it is a strong sign they are not going out of business anytime soon, and this matters because if the solar panel company that installs your system does close its door, all of your warranties become voided once another company touches them, whether to to adjustments, repairs, or maintenance. Without faith that solar companies will stay in business for decades to come, your investment is never secure.